Lina Costelloe

Lina Costelloe

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MS, MA, LCSW

Chief Clinical Officer / Therapist / Life Coach

Lina received her MA in Clinical Social Work from Loyola University Chicago.  After completing her previous degrees in Sociology and Political Science she discovered that her passion is about individual well-being and health. Without much hesitation she turned to clinical social work and followed her calling by specializing in mental health counseling.

In a person-centered approach, Lina acts as a facilitator of change for individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, various traumas, panic, grief/loss, stress, postpartum blues and depression, low self-esteem, and have parenting challenges.  She has an extensive experience working with disabled adults, chronic mental illness, as well as counseling geriatric clients. Lina strongly believes that human birthright is to experience joy in life, and individual journey in healing and growth are the ways to achieve that.  Her therapeutic approach is based in psychodynamic theory with CBT, ACT, and solution and strength-based therapies as invaluable tools for achieving and integrating change. Lina presently is getting certified in Rewind Technique (applied specifically for trauma and PTSD treatment) and hypnotherapy.

Lina is a wife, and a mom of two children. When she is not engaged with clients, she is most likely dedicating her time to professional development, playing with her kids, leading a women’s group, or working on a project with her husband. Lina is passionate about personal growth work and has dedicated years to self-development: training, seminars, books, podcasts -you name it!

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