Young Adults

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8 weeks: Wednesdays 6PM-7PM
Ages: 18-25
6-8 Members

Purpose of the Group: Do you feel as if you are part of the age group (18-25 years old) that seems to be forgotten? No longer a “teenager” but also not an “adult,” yet everyone wants to treat you like both? Young adulthood can be a challenging and confusing time where many transitions are occurring at once. The purpose of this group is to provide young adults with a safe space to discuss and explore different challenges and age specific experiences with peers their own age. Throughout the 8 weeks, group members will work on understanding the unique expectations young adults face, different stressors and stress management skills, relationship boundary setting, time management skills, and building healthy habits.

Group Structure: All group sessions will begin with an open discussion for group members to share thoughts, updates, progress, and/or setbacks about the previous week. Group members are encouraged to share only to the extent that they feel comfortable. Each week a new topic and discussion prompt is presented by the group facilitator, along with an activity. To end the group session members will summarize the week’s topic, discuss goals to work on before the next meeting, and are encouraged to participate in a short mindfulness exercise. Group structure is subject to change based on group members’ needs during sessions.


Week one: Introductions and Group Expectations

  • Get to know you/Icebreaker activity
  • Create group rules and expectations as a group
  • Teen vs. young adulthood; group definitions and discussion

Week Two: What is Young Adulthood

  • Review definition of teen vs. young adulthood
  • When does/When did young adulthood start for you?
  • How do expectations differ between teens and young adults?

Week Three: Changes and Transitions

  • What changes and transitions are occurring during this time?
  • What are some ways to help make transitioning during this time smoother?
  • Expectation vs. reality activity and discussion

Week Four: Stressors

Week Five: Friendships and Relationships

Week Six: Time Management

  • What does a normal day/week look like for you?
  • How do you manage your time?
  • Discussion on importance of work-life balance and challenges you may face
  • Understanding when and how to say no

Week Seven: Building Healthy Habits

Week Eight: Summary

  • Letter to self activity
  • Discussion of take aways and skills
  • What to do if problems arise
  • Feedback about the group

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