Life Coaching

Life Coaching


A Life Coach guides and encourages clients on a variety of personal and professional issues, and is like an action-oriented mentor. A Life Coach will work with you on specific personal and professional goals and transitions, and will help you to uncover your deep-seated desires to assist you in realizing them.  Life Coaching is a more direct approach than therapy, and counseling.

Our Approach

Life Coaching is client-focused and client-driven, and development goals are determined by you and your mentor. Sessions can be either 60 mins, or 90 mins. The frequency and duration depend mainly on your needs, goals, and progress. We provide payment packages on a sliding scale, though we do not take insurance for our Life Coaching services.

Common Problem Areas

How Can We Help?

Connect with a mentor to help guide your development. Several of our therapists are trained as Life Coaches and are prepared to hold you accountable on your journey. Life Coaching is a good opportunity for those who want to improve specific areas of their lives: money, relationships, careers, spirituality, family, self growth.


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