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6 weeks: Wednesdays 4PM-5PM
Ages: 5-9
6-8 Members

Purpose of the Group: Children in early elementary school are starting to make the transition from only thinking of themselves to seeing another’s perspective, which in turn allows for more meaningful friendships to be made. During this time, children are also navigating through the process of how to make friends, which may not always come easy to them. The purpose of this group is to provide children ages 5-9 with a safe space to explore, learn, and develop age-appropriate social skills to be a good friend.  Throughout the 6 weeks group, members will work on understanding what being a good friend looks like, how to make new friends, being kind, and conflict resolution skills.

Group Structure: All group sessions will begin with an open discussion for group members to share thoughts, updates, progress, and/or setbacks about the previous week. Group members are encouraged to share only to the extent that they feel comfortable. Each week a new topic and discussion prompt is presented by the group facilitator, along with an activity. To end the group session members will summarize the week’s topic, discuss goals to work on before the next meeting, and are encouraged to participate in a short mindfulness exercise. Group structure is subject to change based on group members’ needs during sessions.


Week one: Introductions and Group Expectations

  • Get to know you/Icebreaker activity
  • Create group rules and expectations as a group

Week Two: Being a Good Friend

  • “Friendship Soup” Activity
  • Why should we be a good friend?
  • How have you been a good friend?

Week Three: Making New Friends

  • What can you do when you meet someone new?
  • How do we make new friends?
  • Role Play activity

Week Four: Being Kind

  • Understanding what kindness means
  • How can we be kind to our friends?
  • Sweet vs. sour friend activity

Week Five: Problem Solving

  • When might you get upset with your friend or when might your friend get upset with you?
  • How do you respond when you feel upset with a peer?
  • Friendship conflict toolbox activity

Week Six: Summary

  • I am a good friend activity
  • Discussion of take aways and skills
  • Feedback about the group

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