Parenting Teens

Parenting Teens


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8 weeks: Wednesdays 6PM-7PM
Ages: Parent of teens ages 13-18 years old
6-8 Members

Purpose of the Group: Who said parenting was easy, especially when it comes to raising a teen? It is hard enough navigating parenting, especially when you add the ever-changing social media outlets and trends; it can be hard to keep up. Don’t worry, you are not alone! The purpose of this group is to provide parents with a safe, supportive, and open space to discuss and explore different challenges as well as develop a better understanding of what it means to raise a teen in this day and time. Throughout the 8 weeks, group members will work on identifying challenges, navigating changes in development and academics, fostering and encouraging healthy relationships for and with their teen(s), get a better understanding of social media in regard to their teen, and identify and develop healthy boundaries and parenting skills.

Group Structure: All group sessions will begin with an open discussion for group members to share thoughts, updates, progress, and/or setbacks about the previous week. Group members are encouraged to share only to the extent that they feel comfortable. Each week a new topic and discussion prompt is presented by the group facilitator, along with an activity. To end the group session members will summarize the week’s topic, discuss goals to work on before the next meeting, and are encouraged to participate in a short mindfulness exercise. Group structure is subject to change based on group members’ needs during sessions.


Week one: Introductions and Group Expectations

  • Get to know you/Ice breaker activity
  • Create group rules and expectations as a group
  • What do you hope to accomplish/What made you decide to join the group?

Week Two: Challenges of Raising a Teen

  • What are the challenges you are currently experiencing or have experienced in the past with your teen(s)?
  • How do you/how have you faced these challenges?
  • Goals activity

Week Three: Navigating Emotional and Developmental Changes

  • What changes are you seeing in your teen(s) emotionally and developmentally
  • OR what changes are you anticipating seeing?
  • How have the changes affected your relationship with your teen(s)?
  • Letter to your teen activity

Week Four: Navigating Academic Transitions

  • What changes are you seeing in your teen(s) when it comes to academics (i.e., transition in/out of high school, difficult classes/assignments, slip in grades, not completing assignments, etc.)?
  • How have the changes affected your relationship with your teen(s)?
  • Tips to support your teen(s) through school

Week Five: Supporting Healthy Relationships

  • What does your teen(s)’s peer group look like?
  • How do you/can you support your teen(s) with having healthy relationships (romantic, friendship, teachers, family, etc.)?
  • Signs of unhealthy relationships and how to talk to your teen(s) about relationships role play activity

Week Six: Understanding Social Media

  • What social media outlets are your teen(s) on?
  • What do you know about the different social media outlets and trends?
  • How do you monitor your teen(s) with social media?
  • TikTok trend/social media game

Week Seven: Boundaries and Expectations

  • What are some of the boundaries and expectations you have with your teen(s)?
  • How does your teen(s) respond to these boundaries?
  • How do you respond when the boundaries and expectations are broken?
  • Setting boundaries

Week Eight: Summary

  • My positive parenting skills activity
  • Discussion of take aways and skills
  • What to do if problems arise
  • Feedback about the group

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