Elder Therapy

Elder Therapy


As we grow older, it becomes more challenging to adjust to new life transitions and the pressures of daily life. The stress of caring for a loved one, dealing with health issues, coping with the loss of a partner and/or a friend or other circumstances can cause depression, anxiety, and emotional distress. Our therapists are trained and prepared to support you through these challenges.

Our Approach

Individual therapy is client-focused and client-driven, and treatment goals are determined by you and your therapist.

Individual therapy sessions typically last between 50 and 55 minutes. The frequency and duration depend mainly on your needs, treatment goals, and progress.  Most concerns may be solved with short-term therapy, and more challenging concerns may require a longer-term commitment to gain noticeable improvement.

Common Problem Areas

Life Transitions • Depression • Anxiety • Stress • Grief and Loss • Retirement • Family Conflict • Adjustment to Illness or Disability • End of Life Issues • Terminal Illness • Trauma • Caregiver Issues

How Can We Help?

American Mental Health Institute will support and guide you to regain your sense of self, confidence and well-being.  American Mental Health Institute provides a safe and confidential place to obtain support, guidance, and resources to help older adults cope with life transitions and the stressors of daily life.


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