Kristianna Jacques

Kristianna Jacques

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW

"Be you, love you, all ways, always”- Alex Elle, has always resonated with me. I have noticed when clients are able to be kinder and more accepting of their own journey, they’re able to look at and respond to themselves the way they would to their best friend in the same situation.

My goal is to create and nurture an environment where clients are able to leave their harmful self-perceptions at the door, removing roadblocks to gentleness, self forgiveness and productive self reflection.

My approach to therapy is meeting the client where they are at and making a personalized plan to minimize feelings of overwhelmedness to help them accomplish their goals. My therapeutic style is approachable, collaborative, and creative. I incorporate art, music, movement, and other imaginative exercises in my practice, empowering my clients to build an inspiring and nurturing space where they can learn more about themselves and truly heal.

I graduated from Dominican University in 2013 with my Masters in Social Work and received my LCSW in 2015. In 2020, after 7 years of working in the field, I completed the Sexual Health Certification Program at University of Michigan to deepen my understanding of how our experiences with our own and others’ bodies impact mental and emotional health.

Through my travels, schooling, my work, and my own personal experiences, I've discovered that my calling is working with folks from the LGBTQ+ community as well as those experiencing transitional phases in life. I specialize in, end of life care, caregiver support, chronic illnesses, grief, women's health, trauma, anxiety, and depression. I have experience utilizing person-centered care, strengths perspective care, mindfulness, CBT, and DBT, and stay up to date on contemporary practices, in order to deliver the best and most personalized care to my clients.

When I am not in session, I am spending time with my partner, friends and family, and my animals, or I’m creating art. I love expressing myself and telling a visual story. I will paint on anything from a small canvas to creating a large scale mural. Through art, I strive to engage my community, raise awareness of social issues, and spark dialogue about mental health, self-care, activism, and creating environments where all people can thrive.

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