Katelyn Bickham

Katelyn Bickham

Mental Health Counseling Intern

I am passionate about helping clients navigate change and cultivate healthy thoughts and behaviors that promote positive mental health and wellness. I believe that clients are experts in their own lives and that the therapeutic process should be empowering and collaborative. I work with clients to identify and define individual goals and construct a tailored approach that honors each client's unique strengths. My highest priority is providing a context within which clients can experience vulnerability, explore their thoughts and emotions, and work through challenges in a way that feels safe and comfortable.

I am currently finishing a master’s degree in counseling for mental health and wellness at New York University. Prior to beginning my clinical training in mental health counseling, I worked in the consulting industry for many years advising corporations, law firms, and government agencies on data analytics, cyber security, and forensic investigations. I have experience leading groups and organizations, mentoring others, and crisis counseling. In addition, I hold a master’s degree in psychology from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Wake Forest University.

Outside of work, I love traveling, cooking, trying new restaurants, being active, and spending quality time with my husband, our baby, and our dog.

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